Evening Vocational Nursing Program

The program of study includes classroom and clinical instruction in the following areas: growth and development, vocational nursing concepts, basic nursing skills, pharmacology, medication administration, clinical practical training, nutrition, geriatrics, medical/surgical nursing, pediatrics, disease control and prevention, maternal/neonatal nursing, mental health nursing, and leadership and professional development.

Upcoming Start Date: July 5, 2022 (length ~18 months)

Tuition: $28,500

Application Deadline: April 15, 2022

Class Schedule: Mon-Thurs 5:45 - 9 pm and Saturdays (8 hours)


Anatomy and Physiology Course, a total of 3 credit hours with a grade of "C" or better in the past 3 years. This can be two classes Part I and Part II or one combined course as long as 3 credit hours total has been completed with a grade of "C" or better.

Pre-admission HESI test inclusive of 1) Reading Comprehension 2) Anatomy/Physiology 3) Basic Math Skills 4) Grammar and 5) Vocabulary and General Knowledge with an overall score of 80% or higher in the past 3 years.

Medical Terminology Course (minimum 30 clock hours in length) with a grade of C or better in the past 3 years.

Work Setting: The Vocational Nurse can expect to find employment in hospitals, home health agencies, hospice agencies, dialysis centers, and long-term care facilities.

Effective 3/7/14, the Texas Board of Nursing will require all students to take and pass the nursing jurisprudence examination before they take the NCLEX. Although a majority of students take and pass the nursing jurisprudence examination before taking the NCLEX, the Texas Board of Nursing has allowed students to sit for the NCLEX prior to completing the nursing jurisprudence examination. This should not cause much change on your part but we do ask that you let your students know that they must take and pass the nursing jurisprudence examination from our website before The Texas Board of Nursing will deem them eligible to take their NCLEX.

The Board of Nursing is requiring all new enrollees to complete their background checks with the Board of Nursing prior to enrollment. Please go to the Texas Board of Nursing website to complete the appropriate information.


The school includes the price of textbooks in its tuition. The textbooks are for student use. The textbooks are new, or purchased in good condition. They are not rented and students do not return the books, they are to keep them.

A complete textbook listing is included on each syllabus. For each course, TBD (to be determined) may be listed. School bookstores are Elsevier, textbooks.com, and Amazon.

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Classes: Mon-Thursday 5:45 pm - 9:00 pm clinical on Saturday (Clinical I 8 hours, Clinical II 12 hours est. 7-3:30 and 7-7:30 pm)
We no longer offer the day program, only an evening program effective 17-18 cohort. Some clinical experiences will be during the week based on the site requirements. We are trying to get all clinical hours on weekends, but this may not always be possible. Each course calendar will outline the place, address, and hours.

New VN Student Applicants MUST complete this prior to enrollment: Petition for Declaratory Order

HESI testing dates at The Vocational Nursing Institute are as follows:

The 3rd Thursday of each month from January - May each year.

Test Time: 10 am - 2pm You must complete the exam within four hours!

Arrival Time on test dates: 9:15 am

Please call the school at 832-237-2525 to register for the HESI test.

Registration Required: HESI testing will be conducted for all students that pre-pay and register at least 10 business days in advance.

All fees paid for HESI testing are non-refundable. Once a test is paid for and scheduled, there are no refunds issued. HESI requests all payments be provided at least ten business days in advance or they will charge the candidate for testing a RUSH fee of $250.00 bringing total price for those who do not register timely to $299.99.

IMPORTANT NOTE: (4 hours is allotted for the test, at 4 hours, the student will be asked to exit the exam)

For detailed information on the sections of the HESI exam administered at VNI click here.

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