Medical Administrative Assistant

This course will review duties of the Medical Administrative Assistant. The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) defines medical assistant as a versatile professional whose duties vary not only from office to office but even within the same office. Each facility designates the duties. This course covers the practice as the performance of delegated clinical and administrative duties within the supervising physician’s scope of practice consistent with the medical assistant’s education, training, and experience. The medical assistant duties performed do not constitute the practice of medicine. The duties taught in this course include greeting patients, basic registration information, computer entries, electronic medical records, office bookkeeping, insurance training, basic knowledge of procedures, answer telephones, schedule appointments, update medical records, correspondence, coordination of consultations, re stocking supplies, height/weight of patients, vital signs, glucometer testing, collection of urine specimens.

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Class Schedule:
Feb 2021 - May 2022

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Admission Requirements:
  • 17 years of age, or high school graduate, or GED.
  • Must be able to read, write, and speak English fluently.
  • Clock Hour Length: 100 clock hours / 4.9 credit hours

Pre-requisites: None

Clock Hour Length: 100 clock hours/ 4.9 Semester credit hours

  1. The student will learn how to become a successful student
  2. The student will incorporate critical thinking and reflection to help make mental connections as they learn material.
  3. The student will assess the importance of developing professional behaviors as a member of the allied health team.
  4. The student will apply time management techniques to make the most of their learning opportunities.
  5. The students will discuss the role of assertiveness in effective communication
  6. The student will discuss and explain the roles of the national health organizations, identify the roles for the CDC regulations in healthcare settings.
  7. The student will become familiar with the medical specialist, recognized by ABMS.
  8. The student will understand both the allied health professions and how they relate to medical assisting.
  9. The student will discuss the history of medical assisting as a profession
  10.  The student will identify and differentiate between administrative and clinical medical assisting duties
  11. The student will understand continuing education importance and medical assistant credentialing requirements.
  12. The student will discuss the difference between a CMA and RMA.
  13. The student will identify professional behavior in the workplace; discuss meaning of insubordination and why it is grounds for dismissal. The student will discuss teamwork strategies, office politics examples, importance of attitude, and how substance abuse can impact the MAA employment.
  14. The student will demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills and human behavior as outlined in chapter 5 objectives of the textbook for medical administrative assistant duties.
  15. The student will compare personal, professional, and organizational ethics.
  16. The student will list and define four types of ethical problems.
  17. The student will discuss the role of cultural, social, and ethnic diversity in ethical performance and MAA

The Payment Types: Students must pay the full tuition upon enrollment. Payment methods accepted are check, cashier’s check, MasterCard, American Express, or Visa.


Registration: $25.00 Tuition: $1200.00 Books and Supplies $225.00* text book + $75.00 lab fee Other fees: Blood pressure cuff, scrubs, stethoscope, pen light. $139.00 Total Tuition: $ 1675.88

  1. Text books
  2. Classroom instruction
  3. Lab Fee
  4. Remediation as needed

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Estimated Cost:
  • 3-ring 2” or 3” loose leaf notebook: $3.00
  • Notebook paper: $3.00
  • #2 pencil: $.99
  • Pens (black only): $1.99
  • Highlighter: $2.50
Total Estimated Cost:  $ 1664.00 + $11.48 (supplies) = $1675.88

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Topic Hours
Becoming a Successful Student 1
The Healthcare Industry 2
The Medical Assisting Profession .5
Professional Behavior in the Workplace 2
Interpersonal Skills and Human Behavior 2
Medicine and Ethics 1.5
Medicine and Law 1.5
Computer Concepts 2
Telephone Techniques 1.5
Scheduling Appointments 2
Patient Reception and Processing 3
Office Environment and Daily Operations 2
Written Communications and Mail Processing 2.5
The Paper Medical Record 4
Electronic Medical Record 4
Health Information Management 2.5
Privacy in the Physician Office 1.5
Basics of Diagnostic coding 3
Basics of Procedural coding 3
Basics of Health Insurance 4
Professional Fees, Billing and Collecting 2.5
Banking Services and Procedures 1.5
Financial and Practice Management 1.5
Medical Practice Management and Human Resources 2
Customer Service 2
Emergency Preparedness 1.5
Career Development and Life Skills 2
Insurance – types, kinds, in depth look 24
MAA Certification Review 10